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Join Alicia and Kristen as they write loglines for shows they have never seen then watch the shows to discuss how close their predictions came. Includes generous amounts of wild speculation about plots and characters.
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Sep 29, 2015

This week Alicia and Kristen are joined by Muppet enthusiast Bill Hanstock to discuss The Muppets. We also discuss those pooping Charmin bears and we make fun of each other for never seeing popular films. Next week's show will be Scandal, which airs Thursday at 9pm on ABC.

Sep 22, 2015

In this episode Alicia and Kristen discuss Z Nation in the god awful heat and how it compares to the Walking Dead. We also try to figure out how vaccines work, how guns work, and discuss the best zombie shelter. Alicia also talks about Nerd Shows. Next week we will be discussing the series premier of The Muppets which airs Tuesday at 8pm on ABC.

Sep 16, 2015



caddy snacks

This week Alicia and Kristen discuss the two episode season finale of Playing House which features a whole lot of Kenny Loggins. We also discuss the awesome Youtube comments for Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone, that weird Victorian essay from Vox and compare it to Marie Antoinette's make believe peasant village, along with tape worms, typhoid, ice boxes and all the awesome Victorian technologies. Next week's show will be Z Nation with airs Friday at 10pm on Syfy.

Sep 8, 2015

In this episode Alicia and Kristen discuss the season finale of Scream the TV series and want to know why serial killers only target good looking teens who live in super nice houses. We also discuss Mr. Robot, but if Mr. Robot were a robot chef. Next week's show will be the season finale(s) of Playing House which airs Tuesday at 10pm on USA.